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Kind Thoughts From Friends:

I was blessed to have taken an evangelism class that Pastor Georgia taught. I feel her willingness to teach and to share the Gospel is amazing. I have been involved with other evangelism classes taught by very well-known pastors and none are any better than Pastor Georgia. Her bold willingness to share God’s greatest gift with others in any situation has helped me to gain the confidence to share as well. Her passion for the Gospel is contagious! I pray all will become infected with her passion for the Gospel.
-Tom Boyle, Cornerstone Insurance Solutions Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nurse Georgia makes you feel like you’ve been best friends forever. Her stories draw you in because they are so relatable in their humanness. With humor, she shares her life lessons of genuine humility and gut wrenching honesty while pursuing God with unashamed love. Georgia’s gift of encouragement draws your focus to God, His love, and His word and gives you the confidence to help others do the same.
– Janet Howard, Owner of Oh My Yum Bakery Herriman, Utah

Georgia has a heart that is on fire for Jesus. And, surely enough, this fire will lighten up your soul as soon as you hear her testimony. During her METS presentation, one of the most memorable stories was when she had to overcome her shyness and practically scream into the ears of a nearly deaf patient the words of a salvation prayer in front of other medical workers. That boldness for God that Georgia has is outstanding. I think it is one of the most important qualities that are missing in so many Christians today. To be bold for Jesus; that’s what I learned from this beautiful, godly woman.
– Vera Lyubasyuk, 3rd year medical student at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

I am a registered nurse and worked with Georgia in the Coronary Care Unit. What a rewarding experience it became, however it certainly did not start out that way. Those first few months were pure torture. As God began to work His powers in the CCU, we saw our prayers answered right before our eyes. It was a joy to see patients and family members become children of God. Georgia was able to reach out to others in such a profound way. She has a bold, loving, and caring spirit that is such a part of who she is and the life that she lives.
– Carole McWilliams, RN, Germantown, Maryland, Clinical Supervisor of Cardiac Cath Lab and Heart Station at George Washington University Hospital

Georgia has had a life of rich experiences in the Lord and I’m so glad she has written this book in order to share some of them with us. I lead a long standing weekly prayer group and one of our favorite speakers has always been Georgia. Her enthusiasm for God is contagious and she will motivate and inspire you to fulfill your God given destiny. As Georgia shares, her wonderful sense of humor combined with deep spiritual truths will keep your interest from beginning to end. Georgia and I served on the board of Hospital Christian Fellowship for many years. Georgia is a woman who is passionate about Jesus Christ and is a woman of integrity and honor.
– Carol Nomides, RN, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Georgia’s impact for Christ exceeds what I thought possible in a health care environment. Her stories consistently inspire me to pray for divine appointments in the workplace and, indeed, to seize the moment when they come.
– Jessie Paul, RN, Toronto, Canada

Georgia Cohen is an anointed, vibrant, life giving woman. Georgia is full of faith and, like the “energizer bunny,” she is constantly finding the “unsaved” to bring them the gospel. I pray
that each person that reads this book would catch Georgia’s fiery, joyful, spiritual life. Actually, this book can be used to stir up any waning ministry. Georgia is used in hospitals, churches, Aglow meetings, and everywhere she is called. It’s been said, “There are no rocking chairs in God’s Kingdom.” Look out, here comes Georgia, to bring Jesus, salvation, healing, and deliverance. “Enjoy!”
– Rev. Evelyn Steele, Founding President North Eastern U.S. Aglow/National Director, Aglow Int’l