DSCN1291Georgia Cohen, AKA Nurse Georgee, is the wife of Bill Cohen, mother to Scott, Ginger, and Colette; and second mother to their husbands Bill and Chris. She is the proud grandmother to Joshua, Declan, and her furry ones; Jaxon, Kalua, Bart, Hunter, and Freckles. After receiving her RN license, Georgia served our country as a 1st Lieutenant in the U. S. Army Nurse Corp. As a registered nurse, Georgia has worked in many medical arenas, with her last fourteen years of nursing in the coronary care unit. After retiring from nursing, her love for people led her to serve on a church staff as a pastor for seven years, ministering to women and the golden-agers. In her spare time, Georgia has conducted evangelism seminars, made guest appearances on Cornerstone TV, participated in radio interviews, and traveled extensively, speaking at conferences locally, across our nation, and abroad. Georgia serves as a faculty member of METS (medical evangelism training strategies). METS conducts training nationally and internationally. Nurse Georgee is her first book.

What people are saying about Georgia:

If you are committed to the Lord and are not sure how to tell others about Jesus, this book is for you. Georgia, who is obedient to God and very transparent, will show you the way. Through personal examples of how the Lord helped her in very hard situations to show the love of Christ, you will learn the key to being a witness for Jesus.

Norma Bixler
Co-Founder of CTVN
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Georgia is the real deal! Her authentic journey of becoming a CCU nurse who wonderfully serves God and her patients will thrill, challenge, and motivate you. Plus she’ll give you the practical tools to do the same with your own patients, colleagues, and friends.

Bob Mason, M. Div.
Executive Director The Medical Strategic Network
Redlands, California


Georgia’s boldness in sharing her faith with her patients seems so simple and yet so daunting! The results are often astonishing! A gifted speaker, Georgia’s deep faith, her touching “Seize the Moment” talks, sprinkled with laughter and tears, has endeared her to audiences across the nation.

Aubrey Beauchamp, RN
USA Founder and Coordinator of Hospital Christian Fellowship
San Clemente, California


We first met Georgia when she was nursing our desperately sick brother back from the brink of death. Her spontaneous and authentic faith captured our imagination. Consequently, we were delighted when she agreed to be one of our main speakers at several of our national Christian Nurses Conferences.

Hazel Hetrick, RN
Founder and President of Nurses for Christ
Lakeland, Florida


When I first heard Georgia speak, I knew God gave me and many other women physicians the encouragement we needed. Her stories make me smile and remind me that Jesus is the Master Healer. I still want to grow up and be just like Georgia!

Judith A. Hunt, MD
Payson, Arizona



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